So we have a few more changes happening! Just with the volume of orders we want to get things right.  As we learn things will change, but we'll always let you know of those changes!

Mock Ups

Please email me at info@morethanjustpaper.ca with as much detail as possible! Include everyone’s name, what colour you’d like for your font, when you’ll need them by, what city you’re in, anything that could help me bring your vision to life! This doesn’t enter you into a contract with me.  One of the things I like to do before any money exchanges hands is to make sure what you’re looking for I can do! If after I make the mock up you hate it, I can change it or if it turns out this isn’t for you, no problem at all!!

Money, money money!

For all orders there is a 50% non-refundable retainer. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few brides change their mind last minute and it’s really difficult to keep my costs down when this happens. Payment can be done via etransfer or if you’re close by cash or credit. Initial payment is refundable if I haven’t started your order or I don’t have stock. With non-custom robe orders I do require payment in full.

Production Time

Once deposit is made I will begin your custom gifts 🙂. all these are estimates but usually are right on.

If you’ve ordered:

Invitations: 4-6 weeks 

In stock gifts: 24 - 72 hours  

Special order: 3-4 weeks  

Clothing: 1 week

Shipping and delivery fees

Canada post is super expensive. Shipping in Ontario and Quebec is a flat rate of $15. If your package is less I will refund you the difference, if it’s more I’ll take care of the extra cost.

Delivery fees is something new I’m going to implement. 

Orders within 30km:
Under $50: $8 fee
Over $50 but under $100: $5 fee
Orders over $100: Free delivery

Pick up is always free! We have a box at our porch with a lock code. Let me know and I can put it out for you 🙂

Anything over 30km we can work out 🙂

How do I get my stuff?

We don’t mind driving to you, really we don’t! I love taking weekend trips! But with that said we’ve had a few situations in the past that we need to fix 🙂. When I do deliveries I usually have 15-20 that day lined up, so when we have wait 20 mins for each client it adds up to a lot of extra time for us. We will wait 5 minutes for each client before we have to leave.  I will text, call, send smoke signals...whatever I can do to get a hold of you during that time. I always arrange meetings ahead of time and let you know approximately when I’ll be there.  

 Unfortunately, if I come to you and for some reason you aren't around, even though we pre-arranged the time, you will have to pay for shipping the item to you.

 Payment or proof of payment must be made before we drop anything off. 

Rush orders

I know, it’s me I forget everything until the last minute. We are able to do rush orders. Invitations within a week (crazy I know but we did it!!) gifts in an hour!! Just let us know when you need things by! There may be a fee as we have to stop all other projects to work on one.

Damaged Products

Please always check your products within 72 hours of receiving them.  If we are shipping items to you and they get damaged by Canada Post, we will remake your items.  However, we do request that you file a claim with Canada Post before we make any items.  Once you make a claim we will remake your item and send it out :)!