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I’m so glad you made it to my page! Where should I start?  Well, how about with a big WELCOME!  

I guess I could tell you a little about me.  Well you can see in my cover photo that’s me, Hello! And my beautiful family.  That’s my husband Matthew and my daughter Amelia.  Truly my reason why.  Let’s start in the beginning I guess... it was a cold day November 11 1988, haha I’m kidding.  I’ve been doing invitations and design work for years.  But it never kicked in until my own wedding.  I remember sitting down with a vendor and being SO EXCITED.  I couldn’t wait to start and I knew my invitations (after booking my venue) was where to do it.  I researched and booked 5 meetings with stationary vendors, even though my husband will tell you it was like 10000 meetings.  During the meetings with my vendor I kept getting disappointed, not by their work because it was beautiful but by the pricing in the market.  I knew this was a labour of love but I couldn’t believe I was being charged these prices... for what, PAPER?!  


I decided I was going to save money and do the invitations myself. I wanted to combine so many cultural elements that it would be “easier” for me to do it on my own anyways, and how hard could it be... right? Hundreds of paper cuts, burns from glue guns, and sore fingers from scoring I finally made my wedding invitation but even more I found a passion.  I made these ordinary sheets of paper into my story.  I made a strip of glitter into an introduction for people to my love story and I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt.  To me it was more than just paper (haha get it!) it was my story, what I would tell all my friends and family about my future husband and I.  It was their first step into one of the most important moments of my life. 

And that brings us to you.  I want to create that same feeling for you but I don’t want you to go, “FOR WHAT....PAPER?!” over it either.  I want you to send out invitations and give out gifts that you are proud to show off, that you will want to keep for years to come and show them to your family.    I want you to fall in love with your design and custom gifts.  

Honestly, each and every person has an incredible story, I want to hear them all.  I want to take your unique story, and make it into unforgettable print.  

Thanks for reading my little post!

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